Best Fashion Trends of 2013

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2013 may be coming to an end but fashion stops for no one. This year has brought back some styles we haven’t seen in a while like crop tops and fringes while still finding new ways incorporate classic pieces like riding boots and the peplum that are a staple in a wardrobe.  Let’s take a look back at this year’s most memorable fashion trends.

If you saw nothing else this summer you saw many midriffs.  From the music festivals to the sidewalks, celebrity and downtown fashionistas alike were rocking the crop top.  They were everywhere in many bold shades and styles giving those abs some well-deserved attention. For those who were still perfecting their mid-section, high waist shorts were the perfect counterpart for the revived ’90s look by making legs look longer but hiding that stubborn waistline.

The peplum dress, floral prints and skater skirts were also a must for the fun and flirty girls that still want to keep it cute and classy. A floral print can be statement piece for an outfit while the peplum dress can help give the look of a smaller waist and also very flattering for women with larger hips or bottom.  Skater skirts in bright hues like yellow or blue can also make you stand out by adding color to your wardrobe. Temple University students show off their unique sense of style while walking through campus or at different school fashion events.

The maxi skirt was also back again for another round of summer fun but with a sexy high spit twist. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna added this risqué split to their elegant evening gowns at many of this season’s award shows. With some splits reaching sassy heights of the upper thigh these provocative additions to these summer essentials shows just the right amount of skin.

 For those who thought leather was just for the winter, think again. It’s back with the  vengeance adding some edge to the summer look.  The leather trend started small minor trimmings like leather pockets and elbow patches. Then grew even bolder with liquid leather leggings and shorts. These pieces can easily transcend from day to night and don’t keep you ridiculously warm during your travels.

As the season started to change and the temperature started to drop people still found intuitive ways to bring about catchy styles. Just because it may be getting darker earlier doesn’t mean color has to leave the closet. The colors of the season have been emerald green burgundy, cobalt and plum. These colors haven’t just been seen on clothes but on accessories as well. A burgundy handbag or emerald earrings add the perfect touch of color to any ensemble. Layla Jones, a 20- year- old Temple University student and intern for Philly Magazine explained her love of fall fashion. “I feel like you can do more with your clothes,” Jones said. “Layering, more accessories like tights and thigh highs can really make your outfit.”

Fall essentials would not be complete without boots. Whether an over the knee or a cute ankle bootie the classic shoe adds classic style to any look. E News gives a complete rundown of the different style of boots for the season. What better companion for the boots than a chic fall jacket. Elle Magazine has every latest jacket style from the classic pea coat, to the revamped 80’s bomber, and the edgy biker jacket to help you get through the winter in style.

With the biggest party event of the year right around the corner girls are out looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit.  The best way to do that is to find dresses that flatter your figure. Whether you are tall, slender, or curvy there are pieces that can accentuate your best assets and leave you feelings comfortable and confident all night long.  Jones had this advice for women trying to find their own style, “Start with maybe a sense of style that is already established and then make your own subtle definitive changes. All you need is confidence!” This is the time to show off and ring in the New Year in style so don’t be afraid to be bolder with your outfit selection. Everything from lace, sequin, and even different colors like red or gold can really turn heads.

Other places that have quality fashionable clothing are thrift stores. Check out a thrift store in the heart of North Philadelphia right around Temple University’s campus.

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